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Rental Package ($1500 value) from Matrix Production Services
- Exclusive -

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Value $1500

Whether you are in pre-production or already shooting, you have come to the right place. Matrix is a unique multi-service company that provides many of the expert services needed to ensure your production is a success.

In the past, coordinating the components necessary to make your production run smoothly could be a daunting task. Times have changed...

Enter the Matrix . One phone call is all you need. If we can't provide the service, we likely know who can. We are a unique company, one that exists for the customer. 24 hours a day, our staff at Matrix will ensure that your needs are satisfied.

With a fleet of different vehicles at your disposal and the vast number of services provided, Matrix truly is your one stop shop for all your production's needs. We look forward to serving you.

This item can be applied to any rental items Matrix carries (Excluding vehicles rentals and the delivery of items.)